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Oh no they didn't! Top footballer Sulley Muntari had an injunction out concerning his connection to 18 year old model (ahem) Kimberley West.
On much the same note Alan Pardew had a gagging order (Ooh Matron) in place. Thing is, Alan, no borders in cyberspace, see?
Finally what is Robbie Keane trying to hide with his injunction?
Can anyone tell us why no arrest made in case of ex Det Con now trying to sell his 4 bed house in Norfolk over perjury and perverting the course of justice?

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Yesterday the "Daily Mail" eventually got round to publishing an article which should have gone out in early February. Due to issues from Op Kalmyk and Op Tuleta and the forthcoming "Pitchford Inquiry" it was delayed. Now going viral with this from the respected "Global Legal Post" who I a in contact with.

Odd that no arrests have been made thus far?

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Now I have nothing against the poor folks gunned down in Tunisia but Cameron's "tribute" seems to fall into the category of "How can we manipulate public feeling?"
Then we have nomenclature - so called Islamic State. What a load of bollox, so called IRA so called CIA, if enough folks call it that then that is it's name.
Finally more propaganda and a sign of desperation, CTSFO Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms "Officers", we are to be saved by abseiling donut eating machine gun toting cowards.
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