22.00, Pepe the frog. The initial 45 minutes could have been cut, far too long at an hour and  a half on BBC4. Matt Furie exculpating himself with some plump boy who lives in his Mum's basement yapping on about memes. It got interesting once the Alt Right adopted Pepe as a figurehead for the far right.
Today I was called a "Kremlin apologist".
Feels good man.
Aide, L&H, Turk, Fehnerbahce.


BBC 1 at 21.00. The Beeb continues its love affair with race, top QC was black (not in the UK, honey) and the Hugh Laurie character had a mixed race daughter. A passing Chinese waitress is going to play a bigger role as is her gay lover. Well, apart from an Indian in a wheelchair that is all the ethnic and minority boxes ticked.

Battle of Minsk

It is odd that when anti government protests occur beyond Britain they are "democratic" but in the UK and Ireland "lawless mobs". Will Lukashenko ride out the wave of discontent? The Kremlin cannot risk not backing him, or someone very like him, how bribeable is Tikhonovskaya?